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Embassies of Brazil and Ecuador invite you to the concert performed by Diego Carneiro

Diego Carneiro explores classical, Brazilian and Ecuadorian themes

Born in Belem, in the Amazon Region of Brazil, Carneiro is a multifaceted artist, one of the most distinguished Brazilian cellists of his generation.  He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in piano viola da gamba, conducting, and cello from Columbia University, USA, Trinity College of Music, UK, and the Haute École de Musique, Switzerland.  He has won several international prizes and awards such as the Solti Prize, the Tillett Trust, the Myra Hess Trust, the Leonardo Smith Competition, the Barbirolli Award, the Emerging Solo Artist Competition, and the Duche D’acua Viva prize, among others.

In 2006 Diego appeared as a soloist in the London Promenade concert at the Royal Albert Hall, which was recorded by BBC Radio 3, and also performed for the Suisse Romande Radio.  In the same year, he joined the Live Music Now scheme created by Sir Yehudi Menuhim.

Carneiro’s classical music training has been influenced by traditional artistic movements, particularly form the Amazon Region, which inspired his composition using bird calls, and his documentaries entitled “Amazonia, the Resounding Jungle”, “The Conference of Birds”, and “A Cello in Kenya”.  In 2009 he founded a non-profit organization, Amazonart, which brings international artists together to support educational and social projects in many different countries, mainly in the Andean and Amazon regions.  Recently, he founded the Ecuador Youth Orchestra with young talented musicians who would not have opportunities to develop their musical careers.

The Orchestra has so far performed several beneficial concerts:  a fundraiser to help rebuild the destroyed areas affected by the earthquake that hit Ecuador; a concert for the peace movement on the Colombian-Ecuadorian border; a concert in the Amazon Region of Yasuni in Ecuador; and more recently, a tour in Rio de Janeiro, called the RioCello Festival, playing in mainstream concert halls as well as in the favelas of Rio.  The Ecuador Youth Orchestra’s and Diego’s biggest dream is to come to the summer music festivals in the United Kingdom in 2018 and generate an important cultural exchange that will benefit young talents.

This is a bi-national concert which has the objective of promoting the Brazilian-Ecuadorian repertoire and celebration the Orchestra’s achievements in both countries.

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